Patty Marler

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Information: Patty is a home educating wife of 23 years to Jeff and mother of 4 children. Her children have always been home educated and their eldest graduated in May, 2011 with the fruits of their efforts becoming apparent. She has an understanding of legislative acts, regulations and policies through previous employment as well as conference administrative experience. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of home education with others and advocating for the rights of home educators with policy makers. God has placed her in locations where she has had the privilege of sharing the spirit, philosophies and ideologies of home education with government leaders as well as praying with and for government leaders. Patty plans on continuing to push forward for home educators.

With the School Act revisions and Home Education Regulation review imminent, and as AHEA’s Political Liaison, Patty looks forward to advocating for our rights as parents to educate our children.

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