# Position Name
1 You can contact us by mail, phone, or email. If you would like to contact us by email, please use the form below. AHEA Office
2 Convention Director Korien Sampson
3 President Paul van den Bosch
4 Vice-President Ted Tederoff
5 Treasurer Richard Yaceyko
6 Webmaster Layne Huber
7 Exhibit Hall Coordinator Carol Provins
8 Secretary Beth Wiens
9 Editor Kristine Buchholtz
10 Facilities Coordinator Michele Flim
11 Government Liaison Patty Marler
12 Executive Assistant Korien Sampson
13 Support Group Liaison Tracy McNichol
14 Volunteer Coordinator (To Be Announced)
15 Board Member At Large Keith McNichol
16 Speaker Liaison Supin Hachey
17 Board Member At Large Gary Wiens
18 Childrens' Program Coordinator Garrett Huber
19 Board Member at Large Terry Yaceyko
20 Board Member at Large Shannon Tederoff
21 Used Curriculum Sales Coordinator (To Be Announced)
22 Graduation Coordinator Nicole Gunter
23 Youth Coordinator Stacey Sampson
24 Sponsorship Coordinator Scott Tucker

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