June and Summer 2016 AHEA Update

On May 29, 2016, the Deputy Minister of Education announced that effective August 31, 2016, the only funding that will be made available to parents for school completed at home will be under the Home Education Regulation. This is not a result of any legislative change, but is a reflection of the legal situation which has always existed in Alberta.
Alberta Education has indicated that it will take school authorities time to determine new policies and procedures. If you have been teaching your children at home in a totally or partially school directed program, the policy around reimbursing parents for resources may be changing. Parents making plans for the 2016/17 school year should be aware of changes and possible implications.
For more information and to read the latest AHEA EAlert, please go to the below link:
"The Minister of Education has announced, in the last few weeks, that the 2012 Education Act (passed by the legislature but not yet proclaimed) and the Regulations that fall under it, will need further review. The Minister also announced that his ministry would be undertaking a thorough curriculum review of the Alberta Program of Studies.
AHEA will be part of both of these reviews and, as always, will advocate strongly for home educators and for parental rights and freedoms."
"Recently, there was an unprovoked and baseless attack on the reputation of AHEA and on the individuals on the board. As we have made clear repeatedly, AHEA has not and will not compromise the rights and freedoms of Alberta home educators and parents.
A handful of parents contacted AHEA to ask questions based on the misinformation and errors they had been told and we clarified things for them. As always, if you need information on anything regarding home education in Alberta, please contact us using our Contact page."

An invitation from the President of AHEA to our 2014 convention:

I am obviously a man of strong convictions, and I have laid out some of those convictions clearly in my editorials in the past 2 issues of Home Matters magazine.

As stated in the magazine, these are my opinions and not those necessarily held by the board of even AHEA as a whole.I have attempted to make that clear.

I firmly believe that parents have the God given authority to home educate, and this right is recognized by Section 32 of Alberta's Education Act:

  1. A parent has the prior right to choose the kind of education

that shall be provided to the parent’s child, and as a partner in

education, has the responsibility to

(a) act as the primary guide and decision-maker with respect to

the child’s education,

The specifics of how each parent home educates areup to that parent or set of parents.

Home education that is parent-directed and parent-delivered, as outlined in the Home Education Regulation,can take many forms.

AHEA represents home educators regardless of how they choose to home educate.

So that means you don't have to agree with me or with AHEA. There will always be differing opinions on everything from what curricula to use, to what methodology and philosophy to follow. That is the beauty of AHEA, we are here for everyone, and everyone has the God given right to their opinion. We don’t have to agree on everything and sometimes we will have to agree to disagree.

At our convention you will hear a variety ofstrong convictions from a variety of speakers, people who are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in.
You mayagree with some,be surprised or even challenged by others,and some you won’t agree with. No matter what background you come from,you will be welcomed and supported in your role as a parent and as a home educator.

Please come and join us April 11th and 12th in Red Deer.

I guarantee, you will be among friends…

Chris Rogers,

President, AHEA

New Category Divisions under the Blog!

Love this!  Our webmaster just added on some category buttons under the blog button on the website header. 

Now you can click on Alberta Info, Weekly Encouragement, Tip of the Week, Fathers (AND more categories) and then you will be taken to a page where all the blogs on that page are about whatever you clicked on! 

I hope you enjoy looking around and reading different blogs here!{jcomments off}

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