AHEA has some VOLUNTEERS for the Convention!

Well, I blogged about looking for volunteers here and I am thrilled to report back that we have two volunteers already for the 2012 Convention!  I know in the midst of this busy, hot, mosquito-y, lazy dazy summer, it is hard to think ahead to the 2012 Convention, but the fall will be here before we know it.  Then comes Christmas and January and SHORTLY after (smile) the Convention in Red Deer.

There are actually duties that need to be done NOW for the Convention - esp. by the Convention Director AND the Exhibit Hall Coordinator AND those are the positions we have filled!

I am so happy to ntroduce Michelle Pollock as our New Convention Director AND Christine Aalbers (with her daughter, Rebecca) as Exhibit Hall Coordinator!

We still are looking for some more volunteers, but those are the biggest positions, I think....  GREAT to have filled.  Continue praying with us for willing volunteers to help.  We still need a Volunteer Coordinator, Speaker Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, Children’s Conference Coordinator, and Teen Focus Coordinator.  If that is something you are willing to help with (OR even smaller volunteer positions at the Convention), please email Terry @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If the Convention has been a blessing to you in the past, please remember to pray for these ladies as they take on these positions AND please pray for the 2012 Convention at Red Deer - that it would be a blessing and encouragement to all Home Schoolers (AND wanna be Home Schoolers) as they gather together!{jcomments off}

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