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Best Art Extras This Week!


I had decided a while back that I needed to do more art extras with the girls....  We are doing more readalouds and they just do better listening if their hands are busy AND my youngest *loves* art.

(She doesn't necessarily love getting projects started as sometimes she needs to warm up a bit to the project I pick, but it is good practice for her to take chances and try new things....)
Anyway, earlier this week, we did Name Tangles , which was a hit.
It did take them a little while to warm up to the idea, but after a few minutes they got into it, and then Redhead made 5 more this week.....   Jewel made probably 3 or 4 more....  They used different words each time and found it's a bit tricky deciding how you want the letters to lie on the page.
What made me smile more, was Jewel using the Tornado Worm idea on one of her pages as different colored worms for each section.  (Note - this project was used with 9th graders....)  We had done Dr. Seuss's Tornado Worms art starter a few weeks ago.  Lousy instructions online, but once the girls got the idea, they *loved* it and shared it with friends.
Our girls have been having a lot of fun with art extras....  It's an easy way to liven up our home school day!{jcomments off}


Art Resource Links

Do any of your children like to draw or sketch?
Here are some links to check out! 
Home School Art for Busy Families - Sketch Tuesday 
Teach Children Art (LOVE this site.  I print off the individual blogs and have them ready for a fun extra that we do once a week!) 
One of our fun art extra's lately was Dr. Suess Tornado Worms  The instructions weren't great, but we perservered and one of my girls LOVED it.  Made 8 or 9 of them over the following weeks and taught her friends how to do them, too.
Along with all the regular academics, add in some fun art extras - your kids will thank you for that!  Happy Home Schooling! {jcomments off}
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