Why I Chose to Home School (Parents share)

*Another great thread from Facebook - with parents sharing! More reasons on the AHEA Facebook Page.
Why I Chose to Home School
*We are 2nd generation homeschoolers, biggest reason we chose to homeschool is because we were told to "train up a child in the way he should go" and I can't do that when handing my child over to other adults for 8 hrs a day.
*Our oldest daughter went to Kindergarten, because *everyone* did that. I had a friend who was HSing her children, but it was too odd for me to do. (smile) It took 3 months of Kindergarten for me to start seriously praying about HSing our daughter. She was academically ahead and doing well, but the playground behavior was an issue. I really missed her and she missed being home. HSing became a conviction for my husband and I that year. We decided to bring her home for Grade 1, and 20 years (and 3 more daughters) later, we are still home schooling. It was the ONE best decision my husband and I *ever* made for our family.

Core Curriculum Recommendations for Elementary (Facebook suggestions)

*A New Home School Mom asked for curriculum recommendations for an 8 and 10 year old.
Here are some of the answers:
*Math U See, Galloping the Globe, Life of Fred
*This is a free online curriculum. You can adapt it how you like. It has excellent book suggestions, especially if you enjoy good literature and nature study. http://amblesideonline.org/
*For Canadian social studies resources: https://www.donnaward.net/
*Here is my list of favorites for the core subjects: Math: Saxon, Singapore math, Life of Fred, or A Beka. Social: Story of the World, Science: Real Science for Kids or Exploring Creation by Apologia (if you are christian), and L.A. : Writing with Ease (writing), First Language Lessons (grammar)
*These are all good suggestions from you ladies! Isn't it true though that curriculum needs to be tried on? I went through a few over the years. Try one, if it works great, if not move on and try again! And I agree with keeping it fun and playing games...and the decompression time from school to homeschool is soooooo important! :)
* I recommend traditional homeschooling, rather than aligning, personally

FREE Resources - July 15th, 2013 Edition

*Neat idea for Christian home schoolers! Memorize Bible Verses using an automated system... Scripture Box helps you memorize and retain your favorite verses using an automated rotational system. No index cards to manage. The right verses on the right day - simply open and review.
*Free DVD offer - Amazing Grace. Could be a great go along with a discussion of modern day slavery OR just a historical movie to watch together.
William Wilburforce was an amazing man who just never gave up fighting against slavery in his time. He just NEVER gave up.
*FREE Science Resources - looks very good!
*I know many enjoyed what Voddie Baucham had say at the last AHEA Convention. This Kindle book is 80% off..

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