An invitation from the President of AHEA to our 2014 convention:

I am obviously a man of strong convictions, and I have laid out some of those convictions clearly in my editorials in the past 2 issues of Home Matters magazine.

As stated in the magazine, these are my opinions and not those necessarily held by the board of even AHEA as a whole.I have attempted to make that clear.

I firmly believe that parents have the God given authority to home educate, and this right is recognized by Section 32 of Alberta's Education Act:

  1. A parent has the prior right to choose the kind of education

that shall be provided to the parent’s child, and as a partner in

education, has the responsibility to

(a) act as the primary guide and decision-maker with respect to

the child’s education,

The specifics of how each parent home educates areup to that parent or set of parents.

Home education that is parent-directed and parent-delivered, as outlined in the Home Education Regulation,can take many forms.

AHEA represents home educators regardless of how they choose to home educate.

So that means you don't have to agree with me or with AHEA. There will always be differing opinions on everything from what curricula to use, to what methodology and philosophy to follow. That is the beauty of AHEA, we are here for everyone, and everyone has the God given right to their opinion. We don’t have to agree on everything and sometimes we will have to agree to disagree.

At our convention you will hear a variety ofstrong convictions from a variety of speakers, people who are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in.
You mayagree with some,be surprised or even challenged by others,and some you won’t agree with. No matter what background you come from,you will be welcomed and supported in your role as a parent and as a home educator.

Please come and join us April 11th and 12th in Red Deer.

I guarantee, you will be among friends…

Chris Rogers,

President, AHEA

Tips on How to Keep a 3 Year Old Busy WHILE Home Schooling!

This question was recently asked on the AHEA Facebook Page:

Anyone have ideas for learning boxes for an extremely busy 3.5 year old? I have tried some learning box ideas but he's done playing in 10 minutes and isn't interested again.


*I think 3.5 year olds are extremely busy and don't have a great concentration span. My best suggestion is to make a LOT of boxes for him, and to keep using new ones. It's best not to repeat them in under 10 days. When the boxes aren't used often, the kids enjoy them longer. (SORRY) I have a Pinterest Board w/ ideas for 3 - 5 year olds (and really believe the time spent making these IS worthwhile and makes Home Schooling easier.) I planned to have 8 to 10 different activities for each morning of Home Schooling. It does take a while to accumulate these activities - but is achievable and worthwhile.

*I also have a Pinterest Board - Home School ideas for Boys - many of the ideas are for young boys. Check that out, too.

*Sometimes it is thinking outside the box with what we already have - add an empty gift wrap tube or makeshift ramp for little cars to go down... Fill a shallow tub with water (on a couple of bath towels) and have a *car wash* or a *Duplo wash*. Yes, it is more work. Yes, it can make a mess BUT your little ones will love the time and attention. There are TONS of easy learning activities on both the links above. Many are quick and easy to make. I had /have a bookshelf for the best of those activities. OH, and the longer you use them, the more he will learn to *do* them for a set period of time. Put not so fun activities in between fun activities and say this is the next activity - try it for 5 minutes. I am always watching for fun activities to buy, too (on the garage sale Facebook page for our area). Just bought magnetic Fun Faces .

*The thing is you must find his interests. My first son was very smart, very busy and nothing calmed him down. Absolutely nothing. I bought him Jumpstart Fractions cause it was on sale. This was intended for use way in the future .....perhaps 11 years old (he was only 4 at the time). He saw it and begged me to put in in the computer. I did. He used this game for two years. I never, ever had a problem with him sitting still again. Listen to your son, you probably know what his interests are. Take those interests and be creative yourself. My second son -it was a car mat and dinky cars, the legos. Btw, those busy kids are usually quite gifted:)

*Thanks for the help! I made a large pile of learning "bags" and put them into one big plastic tub. He's been digging through them everyday and picking out something to do. I even found him coloring on his own for quite a long period of time. Before this week, he wasn't interested in colouring for extended periods of time.

*I have a nephew who is 3 and in a Montessori preschool and daycare. He, too, is a busy boy. His favorite activity is "shelf work" checking out some Montessori sites might give you some more ideas. I think having a rebounder is a good idea for all kids to burn off some energy. I got one at a garage sale with my 12 year old in mind.

Praying Home Schoolers Needed!

At the closing banquet of the National Leadership Conference, one of the leaders there shared about a Summer Camp in the Ukraine that he went to last year.

He said it was an amazing camp BUT the part that he appreciated the most, was that each camper had to have 15 people praying for them while they were at camp. Then he went on to share that anyone in ministry at that camp needed to have 25 people praying for them. He said it was an amazing camp. So much happened in the lives of all who attended.

I was sitting there - totally captivated by what he shared. Then he asked us to remember to pray for HSLDA(Home School Legal Defense Association) this coming year - Paul Farris and his wife Suzanne, and those who are involved with the direction of HSLDA as well. I loved that, and said I would share it when I got back to Alberta. . . (Anyone interested in praying for HSLDA faithfully? Let me know @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will pass that encouragement onto them!)

BUT along with that, I am asking you to pray for the AHEA Board. What a wonderful blessing it would be to know individuals were praying for us faithfully, too. I know the AHEA Board prays regularly for direction and wisdom. Who are the people on the AHEA Board?

Patty Marler puts an incredible amount of time and effort into home schooling and politics. She also is a full time home schooling mom who tries to fit everything in. I know she spends hours each month dealing with issues AND loves advocating for Albertan Home Schoolers.

Paul van den Bosch has been such a great addition to our board and is a wonderful treasurer for AHEA. He also has background in speaking with radio and TV. He was a great asset last year during Bill 3 and the Education Act.

Chris Rogers is our the new president of AHEA this year and continues to be a passionate home school advocate wherever he is. . . His energy and commitment is inspiring. He also has a committment to inspiring home schooling fathers, and would love to see AHEA do more in Alberta.

Ted Tederoff has been a great asset to AHEA over the years. He and his wife, Shannon, have just had their seventh child and life is busy. He continues to give as much as he can to AHEA, the Home Educators in Alberta and to inspiring home schooling fathers, as well.

Richard Yaceyko also is a passionate advocate for home schooling wherever he is and loves to be involved in politics. He is the new Vice President of AHEA this year.

Terry Yaceyko (me) has too much energy and passion for home schooling - smile - and probably does too many things. She continues to pray for wisdom and strength AND to do what God wants her to do each day. Supporting Home Educators is high on her list of things to do.

That is only a glimpse into each of the AHEA Board Members, but I am hoping that God will lay it on some of your hearts to pray for us (AND home schooling in Alberta). I know the burden was very great last year during Bill 3 and all that entailed. I will be personally praying that God will raise up intercessors that will commit to praying faithfully through this next year and beyond. *Again, do not take our freedom to Home Educate our children lightly. Continue to pray (and advocate) for freedom to home educate in Alberta.

I also would love to have a group of people praying faithfully for AHEA Convention 2014 - the Convention Team and all the decisions to be made, volunteers, speakers AND the New and Wanna Be Home Schoolers who will attend. The Convention has always been good, but wow, what would happen in hearts and lives if more people were praying?

Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it OR message me on the AHEA Facebook Page if you will commit to praying for any of the above.

Thanks so much for being a part of AHEA!

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