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An Easy Way to Add Fun into our Home Schooling!

I have always loved adding Calendar Days into our home Schooling through the years. It is as simple as checking out what special days are each month (or what the month's emphasis is....).

Here is a blog about the special Calendar Days in March - why not check it out and plan some fun activities?

Easy AND Fun Logic Games

Home Education has opened my mind and home to a different way of thinking.  I actually have thought about teaching logic in our home.  There is a great article about Learning Logic at Home  (It is on the Fallacy Detective Website) 

What is Logic?  (To me, it means thinking and reasoning through problems.)

In the above article, it talks about Pre Logic and Logic activities.  I actually saw some *logic games* at an AHEA Convention a few years ago.  I bought one and LOVED it.  Now I have a whole stack of Smart Games - love, love, love them.

(Shhh - don't tell the kids, but I have these set out in our living room - changing which ones are out for a while and then putting different ones out.  Kids and teens that enter our home are *always* picking up one of these while waiting for the girls to be finished chores or just playing with them, while they visit in our home....  I've had older teens AND adults check them out, too!)

They are advertised as mind challenging games.  Good for just playing with OR as fun Home Schooling extras!

Here are some of our favorites:

IQ Puzzler is new this year.  I bought while on vacation in January.  I had seen an adult playing with it at a workshop and was interested in it.  As soon as I saw it, I bought it.  It is harder than you think - esp. the 3D puzzles.  AND it is easy to transport in a purse or backpack.  (What might make it fun for big families is to buy two and have two children solving the same challenge at the same time and then moving on....  Or have dad or mom challenge one of the kids!  smile)  Here is a new IQ Puzzler as of 2011 - IQ Twist

Castle Logix     (The challenge is to assemble the wooden blocks and towers to build one of the 48 challenges in the puzzle booklet.)

Gogetter Prince and Dragon (Use all 9 puzzle tiles to build a path connecting only the icons your challenge directs you to team up.!)

These are my favorites.  Smile (The kids play and play with these.)

Hide and Seek Safari (Put back the 4 puzzle pieces and make sure all animals are hidden except the ones visible on the challenge card. 48 different challenges!)

Hide and Seek Pirates    (Put back the 4 puzzle pieces and make sure all boats are hidden except the ones visible on the challenge card. 48 different challenges!)

Camouflage North Pole (Put back the 6 transparent puzzle pieces and make sure the polar bears are on the ice and the fish are in the water. 48 cool challenges!)

There is also a whole series of Tangoes (Animals / People and more).  I haven't bought these, but know families that enjoy them, too.  AND there are booster packs for the Camouflage puizzle and the Safari Puzzle.  Love that idea, too!

Watch for them at the AHEA Convention OR ask your Home School Curriculum Supplier if they carry them!{jcomments off}

Playdough Creations - Fun for Everyone!

I was reading an email from a friend earlier this week and she shared something about how she thought free time was really important for her children. I responded with a sentence about how play really is a child's work.

Home Education is so much more than just the academics in our home.  To me, it includes character training (often taught through chores - smile), life skills (the list grows longer the older your child is!), and I really think including fun in our home school day is really important, too.  (My experience has taught me that fun extras are what makes home education FUN.  What a thought, hey?)

Anyway, I watch for fun ideas online to add into our home education plans *weekly*. 

The site below is one I have bookmarked.  A little young for my children, perhaps - but sometimes *easy* ideas that are memories of children are the MOST fun.  smile  AND it is fun to do something that is easy / easier vs. always trying to accomplish things out of your expertise range.  They have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections.

Step by Step Instructions for Play Dough Creations

Why not check it out?  Might even be fun for a Family Night Activity OR for big kids to do with their siblings OR for big kids to have on hand for babysitting ideas.  smile{jcomments off}

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