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Why Home School Teens?

Elizabeth Smith shares 10 reasons Why to Home School Teens.....

This article connected with me, because I have heard it said that even though we think we need to home educate our littles to reduce peer pressure, increase learning links and time, create more bonding time and so many other reasons - THOSE are the same reasons we need to home school our teens.  I think, personally, our teens need to be home more than we think....  It is more important (or just as important) to me, to have our older children home, as it is to have younger children home.

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Thinking of a Home School Graduation?

Smile - or are you home educating your children through High School and the end is close enough that you are thinking of what you will do?

We've actually been home educating for about 20 years, so our two oldest girls have graduated from our Home School (aka *Home Sweet Homeschool*).  (By the way, I think every home school parent that has a High School graduate should get a gold star - smile - It's an accomplishment to have a child graduate from your Home School!)

Our oldest daughter was one of the first home schoolers we knew that graduated, and the first on my husband's side (home schooled and public schooled children) that graduated.  She had more of a *traditional* graduation.  We decorated a church hall in a "Life is a journey, not a destination" theme, with National Geographic maps and sunflowers.  We invited all our friends to attend and had a short program planned, w/ a powerpoint of her life, time for mom & dad to share (smile), an open mike time, and more.  Lots of desserts and snacks afterward.  She had a formal prom dress, and used formal invitations.  It was lovely.

Our second daughter was more relaxed, and went with a lime green / hot pink (Same Same, but Different - a common saying she brought back from a trip to Thailand) theme.  She made her invitations.  We had the same kind of program, but she wanted an array of different kinds of cupcakes for the snack afterwrd.  That was fun.  Then we all went to the local park and had a gathering there, complete w/ water fights and more.  smile   She wore a more informal dress - knee length.  It was also a lovely graduation.

I know some home schoolers don't have a home school graduation, but I know we personally liked to mark the event.  I will say it is worth spending a little time and money on.....  We had a budget for each of them. 

We have been to other Home School graduations where there was a program and dance.  I have heard of others, that were simply recognised during a church service and then the family hosted a back yard picnic later that day.

I think the best tip is to think what *you and your graduate* want.  Perhaps even just what *your graduate* wants....  smile  It could even be as simple as a meal out as a family, with family members sharing about the graduate.  I've heard about that, too.

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Another idea I saw lately was the graduate going to Walmart or Sears a few times for pictures and then using those pictures to give away at their graduation OR to scrapbook.

There are a lot of ideas to make a Home School graduation special.  Just spend some time thinking about it and make it happen!{jcomments off}

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