Contacting Non-Home Educating Friends

The previous post discusses contacting the media.  It is also important for ALL parents to know how s.16 of the proposed Education Act may affect them.  Please feel free to cut, paste and personalize the attached e-mail and forward it onto your friends.
March 8, 2012
My dear friends,
I have a burning issue on my heart that I believe will concern many of you as well.  Our Alberta government has tabled Bill 2 Education Act which contains a section which could directly influence the content of materials taught in every school in Alberta.  Up until now, media coverage has focused on the impact to Home Educators, but the impact it can have on all
Alberta Schools is very real and significant.   Section 16 of the Act states that All courses or programs of study offered and instructional materials used in a school must reflect the diverse nature and heritage of society in Alberta, promote understanding and respect for others and honour and respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and
the Alberta Human Rights Act.” 
What this means is that all decisions made by Alberta Human Rights Tribunals will be infused into all programs of study in schools.  Typically the Alberta Human Rights Tribunals have made decisions which are not consistent with the common values of Alberta, but if this legislation passes, these values will be required to be taught to every student in every course and program of study. There is a very real danger for all schools in Alberta as outlined in two National Post Articles dated March 8, 2011.


If you don’t think that your child or your family could be affected or that a government in Canada will not wield such an intrusive hand, then please read the articles below.  The first shows what happened when a 4 year old child in Ontario drew a picture of a man with a gun in her school last week.
The second shows how our Supreme Court of Canada is assisting Departments of Education in forcing parents to have their children attend programs of religious study which they are opposed to.
Finally, an editorial which describes the situation.
If passed, Bill 2 Education Act will give law to social engineering designed by the Alberta Human Rights tribunal rulings.

Debate on Bill 2 will likely begin Wednesday, March 14.  There is a short window of time to affect change before this Bill passes and becomes law.  I urge you to call Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk at (780) 427-5010 , the Premier’s office at 780-427-2251 (toll free call 310-0000) and your MLA! ( Click here for contact information for your MLA.) Ask to have Section 16 changed back to the wording in the current School Act and tell them which school your child goes to.

The standard response of the Department of Education is ‘Nothing has changed’. Consultation with lawyers disagree and state the wording is significant. 
Please call.
Please forward this personal message onto those you know.
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