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Local Support Group Meetings around Alberta

With the recent Alberta Education actions that have been deeply troubling to home educators and indeed to all Albertans, there have been several information meetings and support group gatherings held, and other groups have been connecting with Albertans to bring people together to share concerns.

Such meetings are an opportunity for Albertans to both speak and listen so that we can better understand the goals and the fears and the values that hold us together.

AHEA encourages all Albertans – and especially all home educators and parents – to become more politically aware and active and to be strengthened by each other.

AHEA is an organization of volunteers and we would welcome more volunteer involvement especially at our April convention in Red Deer.

Interim injunction granted to Trinity/WISDOM until hearing on January 5, 2017

To all AHEA members and Alberta home educators and parents.

After Education Minister David Eggen shut down Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling on October 25th, AHEA received a torrent of calls and texts and emails from concerned parents.

These came from both WISDOM parents and non-WISDOM parents, from home educators and those who don't home educate, from many Albertans shocked and dismayed by what had occurred.

The commonly expressed concern was that the government had not acted in a fair manner and had not followed due process.

On November 4th, Trinity/WISDOM were granted an injunction allowing them to stay open (although without funding until at least January 5th when further proceedings will take place)

While AHEA makes no statement on the merits of the allegations brought by the Alberta government, AHEA does point out these legal proceedings - and those to come - will allow both sides to present their cases in an open and fair manner so that due process can be followed.

To that end, AHEA is encouraged by today's ruling and we look forward to having the truth come out in full

This is in line with AHEA's Philosophy and Objects:


AHEA "recognizes the supremacy of God and the rule of law", and holds that government "must exercise its compelling interest in the education of the young by the least intrusive means."

As such, we ask that you pray for our elected officials and courts so that the respect for constitutional rights will always be honoured.

The board of the Alberta Home Education Association


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