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2017 Standards for Home Education Reimbursement

Alberta Education has released their 2017 Standards for Home Education Reimbursement document. The changes AHEA informed home educator's about on June 17 ( Alberta Education Review of Home Education Reimbursements ) have been made.
Both the document and a summary of significant changes to the document are included on Alberta Education's website. Many of the changes AHEA and home educator's advocated for have been incorporated.
Changes worth noting are:
-50% off music lessons may be reimbursed. This includes private music lessons.
-Musical instrument rental may now be reimbursed (to a max of 50% of parent's funding).
-The complete admissions to recreational activities (such as ski passes or multiuse facilities) may be reimbursed. Family passes are reimbursable if it is less expensive than individual student rates.
-50% of internet services may be reimbursed for the entire year (not just September to June)

You may view the document and the explanation of changes on the Alberta Education website https://education.alberta.ca/home-education-blended-programs/responsibilities/everyone/resources/

AHEA e-news- Political Unity Information

AHEA e-news- Political Unity Information

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Political Unity Information

AHEA is a non-partisan politically-minded organization, and so AHEA strives to keep its members informed of events of potential interest to home educators.

Currently, there are three major parties which make up Alberta's government and opposition; the New Democrat Party (NDP), the Wildrose(WR) and the Progressive Conservative (PC) parties. The Wildrose and PC parties have recently proposed a unification agreement, which, if ratified, would see the WR and the PC parties unite under one United Conservative banner.

In order to see this unification occur, members of each party must show their agreement for such unification. The PC party requires 50% agreement and the Wildrose party requires 75% agreement. Individuals interested in being a part of the unification process must purchase memberships in the party/parties by July 8 in order to be able to vote. This may be done here.

Whatever your political mindedness, it is important to be active and participate in political processes available to you.

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