Resources for Older Children

FREE Resources - July 15th, 2013 Edition

*Neat idea for Christian home schoolers! Memorize Bible Verses using an automated system... Scripture Box helps you memorize and retain your favorite verses using an automated rotational system. No index cards to manage. The right verses on the right day - simply open and review.
*Free DVD offer - Amazing Grace. Could be a great go along with a discussion of modern day slavery OR just a historical movie to watch together.
William Wilburforce was an amazing man who just never gave up fighting against slavery in his time. He just NEVER gave up.
*FREE Science Resources - looks very good!
*I know many enjoyed what Voddie Baucham had say at the last AHEA Convention. This Kindle book is 80% off..

Home School Graduation information!

Our support group, Home School Christian Fellowship, offers a grade 12 grad for members (currently around 75 families in the Edmonton area). I helped organize the 2011 grad, and there are a few pictures on our website http://www.hscfedmonton.ca/olderrandom.htm Even with a group our size, it's hard to find many kids still homeschooling through high school, but hopefully that will improve in the years ahead! We have 7 kids interested this year. They're on a private yahoo group & get together to discuss the theme, colours, decorations & group activities.

Our goal is to create a milestone memory, for when parents feel ready to graduate their senior student. It's been done various ways over the years at HSCF, depending on the families doing the organizing. Currently, we have a fairly formal ceremony - processional, anthem, prayer, speaker, etc., but each student is given about 10 minutes to share in whatever way they feel best reflects their homeschooling. So it could be speeches by mom, dad, student, relative, friend, etc., blessings or prayers by a pastor or grandparent, etc., a slideshow, piano solo, hugs, moving the tassel, etc... It doesn't feel nearly as rushed as the typical few seconds of a handshake by a principal! The students also display their homeschool memorabilia on tables in the
fellowship room. Families & friends have cake & light snacks here afterwards, and a photo session. The evening is free then for each family to continue celebrating on their own.

There is a homeschool-friendly company in Wisconsin that I love to get gradwear from! The owner, Joan, was a homeschool Mom! Her kids are graduated now, and this is their family business. It's http://www.homeschooldiploma.com/. Shipping costs are high, but overall the whole amount has still been cheaper compared to other places we've looked, & the customer service has been perfect. For families who want, we place an order together with one Mom being the contact person, and then divide up shipping based on what each family has ordered. Each family is free to choose how much or little they want to include of the "grad look". It helps to show off things ordered previously so parents can see the quality & choices better before ordering online.

When it's all over, an HSCF parent types up a report for "the grad binder" which explains what ideas were used that year, assuming a grad was organized. As our group changes, this allows info to be passed along.

Hope that helps a bit. Mostly these are ideas we've learned along the way from others!

Dawn Engler

Some tips on Home Schooling and Parenting Teens

I do try to keep blogging on a variety of topics.  It is hard sometimes because there is so much out there for little ones and elementary, BUT there are ideas and links for preteens and teens, too.

I loved this tip about Don't Micro Manage Your Teens.  She also wrote a great blog on Discipline for Middle Kids which I really enjoyed.  It's never too late to get some parenting tip or advice to help us with our children!

Here is a blog talking about the Home School Exodus of Jr and Sr High Children and some tips about how to keep home schooling through High School.  It is a decision we all have to make, and sometimes (ok, most times!) it isn't an easy one BUT it can be done!

Here are a couple of Discussion Starters to have with our older children:  10 Job Skills You Need Now, and New Professions, Growing Salaries.

AND here is a link for tired Home School Moms - 14 Things to Do When You Are Very Tired.  Smile.  I hope your summer is going well, and that you are getting the rest and rejuvenation you need to continue home schooling your children this fall.  You can do this!  God will help you do it!{jcomments off}

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