Workboxing Tips

Smile - I am tired today, but am still enthused about Workboxing.  Check out Saving My Sanity - The Workbox It has a great overview of Workboxing with lots of links. 

Sue Patrick is the creator of the Workboxing idea.  Make sure you check out her website, and buy her book if you want to learn more.

I heard about Workboxing a couple of years ago.  It was on the Five In A Row website.  There was a forum thread about it and it just exploded into a huge discussion with over 350 posts about Workboxing and applying the idea.  Very motivating. 

I thought about it for a few days.  Decided to do some planning over the summer and to apply it in our home schooling the following fall.  My girls loved it.  Why?

Well, it got the fun items off our bookshelves and into our daily routine.  I've always been good at getting the basics done, but sometimes the fun extras sit by the wayside for too long.  Now I try to have a variety of activities every day AND the fun extras always get included (and enjoyed!).

YES, it is more work, but I think anything of value is lots of work AND Home Schooling is worth all the work and planning!{jcomments off}

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