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AHEA is Western Canada’s largest home education convention. We bring in the largest variety of speakers and vendors in all of Canada. We welcome all parents who are interested in home education and we are not exclusionary. Our goal is to simply offer the widest variety of resources to parents. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Come join us and check out home education at our annual convention in April, 2018 in Red Deer.


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Patty Marler on Rutherford today

Dave Rutherford is doing a segment on the radio on homeschooling and the Education Act this Wednesday morning (March 7) from 10:00 - 11:30 AM. His show is on AM and can be tuned in on two stations:
Calgary: CHQR 770 AM
Edmonton: CHED 630 AM

(Updating this to add:

If you are interested in listening to Patty Marler's interview with Dave Rutherford, it is in the archives of the CHQR webpage -


From that link, scroll down a little to the date and time fields. Choose the date (March 7, 2012), and the 10 am clip. It starts with the 10 am news, and then Dave Rutherford has quite a lengthy discussion with Patty. This will only be available for 14 days, so if you missed the live broadcast you do still have a bit of time listen to the interview and the phone calls that followed. (Paul van den Bosch is the second caller, by the way.)  {jcomments off}

Where Do We Go From Here?

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Minister of Education, Thomas Lukaszuk understood the depth or breadth of the implications of s.16. Immediately after the rally Mr. Lukaszuk tweeted: “Attended a rally put on by some home schoolers who protest against human rights in education.”

It is extremely disappointing that Mr. Lukaszuk continues to misunderstand, misinterpret or misrepresent what we are saying. It is Alberta Human Rights laws imposed in every component of our education and in our homes that we oppose. Alberta Human Rights Legislation was never intended to be used that way.

In actuality, the starting gate gun has just been shot. As of today, we are running the race for our freedom. Our voice has finally been heard and there is concerted opposition. If our efforts die off now, the government will be convinced that they finally made us understand that we have nothing to worry about.

They are wrong.



Rally at the Legislature: March 5, 2012

Yesterday’s rally at the legislature was an incredible show of support for our request for changes to Bill 2 Education Act.  There were an estimated 500 people! Be encouraged as it is unusual to have a this many people congregate in support of any cause.  People from all corners of the province including Milk River, Drumheller, Vermilion, Slave Lake, Grande Prairie, Calgary, Edmonton and many more attended.  There was significant media coverage which including several television stations and major newspapers.

Education Minister Thomas Lukasuk attended the entire demonstration as did Wildrose Education Critic Rob Anderson and both had opportunity to hear and speak.  Minister Lukaszuk spoke to the intent of his department to support home educators with no indication that any changes would be made to the proposed legislation.  Rob Anderson read two amendments to Bill 2 which he plans to bring forth in the legislature.

Support for parental rights in our homes, religious freedom, and parental authority were astounding and the rally made a clear statement that Bill 2 Education Act infringes on our rights as parents.

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