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AHEA is Western Canada’s largest home education convention. We bring in the largest variety of speakers and vendors in all of Canada. We welcome all parents who are interested in home education and we are not exclusionary. Our goal is to simply offer the widest variety of resources to parents. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Come join us and check out home education at our annual convention in April, 2018 in Red Deer.


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Wildrose Party to Propose Two Amendments to Bill 2

The Wildrose Party has informed AHEA that they will be proposing two amendments to Bill 2 in the legislature.  The following information regarding the exact wording of the proposal was provided:
Mr. Anderson to move that Bill 2, Education Act, be amended in the 8th recital of the Preamble, by striking out “parents have the right and the responsibility to make informed decisions respecting the education of their children” and substituting “parents have the paramount right and responsibility to make decisions respecting the education of their children”
Mr. Anderson to move that Bill 2, Education Act, be amended by striking out section 16 and substituting the following:
Education programs offered and instructional materials used in schools must

not promote or foster doctrines of racial or ethnic superiority or persecution,
religious intolerance or persecution, social change through violent action or
disobedience of laws.
(this clause is virtually identical to the second half of the previous section as it was written in the old Schools Act)
These amendments are supported by AHEA and HSLDA and are recommended as changes to Bill 2 Education Act.

AHEA's response to Mr. Lukaszuk's letter to Patrick Craine

February 25, 2012


The Honourable Thomas Lukaszuk
Minister of Education
423 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6


Dear Mr. Lukaszuk,


On Thursday, February 23, 2012, you, Mr. Lukaszuk, and I, Patty Marler, had a telephone discussion regarding home education and Bill 2 Education Act. 

During our telephone discussion, the issue of responsibility for education arose.  You stated that parents have a co-responsibility with the educating school for a child’s education, and in a home educating situation, the parent is both the parent and the educator.  You indicated that the home educating parent therefore maintains total authority for their child’s education.  I asked you to provide confirmation of this in writing and you agreed to do so.


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