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AHEA's response to Mr. Lukaszuk's letter to Patrick Craine

February 25, 2012


The Honourable Thomas Lukaszuk
Minister of Education
423 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6


Dear Mr. Lukaszuk,


On Thursday, February 23, 2012, you, Mr. Lukaszuk, and I, Patty Marler, had a telephone discussion regarding home education and Bill 2 Education Act. 

During our telephone discussion, the issue of responsibility for education arose.  You stated that parents have a co-responsibility with the educating school for a child’s education, and in a home educating situation, the parent is both the parent and the educator.  You indicated that the home educating parent therefore maintains total authority for their child’s education.  I asked you to provide confirmation of this in writing and you agreed to do so.



Earlier this week, it became apparent that there is a serious problem with the proposed new Home Education Regulations.
HSLDA has an alert here.
Patty Marler has been very busy as well - if you want to look at Minister Lukaszuk's response to Home Educator requests, see here.
Your individual Home Education Board should also have an alert - check with them for information.   
The response has already been huge by many Albertan Home Educators.
Please consider phoning, writing or emailing today (the first two have the most effect.)  If this proposed Regulation gets passed, it could have very dire effects on our personal Home Schools.
Please share this with every Albertan Home Educator (and Support Group Members) that you know.
Terry Yaceyko
*Just adding a footnote asking everyone concerned about this, to be very diligent in praying over this weekend and in the weeks to come.  We do not need to be fearful, but to trust God in all things.  It has been suggested that the AHEA Board spent time praying on Monday for this situation and Home Schooling families in Alberta (and around the world).  Let's also lift up those in authority over us......
Why not consider joining us in prayer that day?
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Looking Ahead to the 2012 Convention!

Well, our reno continues at a mad pace - we took out the kitchen sink wall on the weekend and we are currently w/o water or a sink in our old kitchen.  It's pretty inconvenient, so we are pushing on as fast as we can to get the new kitchen done.  It is nice to see it coming together, but between home schooling as much as we can, all the extra work it is taking make meals and doing as much each day and evening to finish the kitchen - I find I am not online as much or as regularly. 

This past week,  I was thinking ahead to the Convention.  The latest AHEA magazine is in the finishing stages and will soon be at the printers and the Convention team is hard at work planning and preparing for the Convention in April.  Why not take a moment and pray for the team?  Both the AHEA Board and Convention team are made up of Home Schooling Moms and Dads who are volunteering their time, trying to make a difference for Home Educators in Alberta.

Please join me in praying for the Convention in April.

* That it will be a blessing to all who attend and that no matter where an individual or couple is on their home educating journey, that they will get the information and encouragement they need, to continue home schooling strong!

* That all the speakers will be inspired by God in what they share (and that God will give them strength and wisdom as they speak!).

* That it will be a blessing to the curriculum sellers / businesses as home schooling parents buy what they need (*Please consider making your curriculum purchases from Albertan / Cdn. Home Schooling Businesses to keep them strong.  If you spend time talking to a vendor about an item, buy from that vendor.  It's a courtesy for the time and wisdom they have shared with you!)

* That there will be enough volunteers to do what needs to be done in guest services, in the Children's Conference, in setting up and taking down of the vendor hall, and so much more...  If you have some time or energy, please consider volunteering in some way at the 2012 Convention (If you volunteer 8 hours or more, you can get your registration refunded!)  Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to volunteer or for more information.  Older teens are needed as volunteers, as well.

* Pray for the AHEA Annual Business Meeting and make it a point to attend.  AHEA stands for Alberta Home Educators Association and Patty Marler is doing a great job representing Home Schoolers in Alberta to the Government.  Please make a point of reading your AHEA magazine and the website for the latest infromation and updates as to what is happening in the political arena. 

PLEASE also remember to hold her (and the AHEA Board) up in prayer, too.  Again, we are just home schooling moms and dads that are vounteering our time.  We need to fit in meetings, emails and more into our lives AND continue on with our Home Education plans as well.  The Tederoff's (Ted - President / Shannon - Board Member + helping w/ the Convention) even had another new baby this fall!  Congratulate them when you see them at the Convention. 

And for that matter, why not pray for your own family, as well?  Pray that God will meet your home schooling needs at the Convention - that you will find the curriculum or extras that you need, that the speakers will speak faith and encouragement into your heart, and that you will come away strengthened for another year!

Here is a link to Lessening the Convention Confusion - tips on how to prepare and how to make the most of a Home School Convention Weekend.  Take a few moments (or an hour or two) and just think about what your needs are or will be in the next few months.  Look ahead to the Convention!  I know it is going to be a blessing!{jcomments off}

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