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Interim injunction granted to Trinity/WISDOM until hearing on January 5, 2017

To all AHEA members and Alberta home educators and parents.

After Education Minister David Eggen shut down Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling on October 25th, AHEA received a torrent of calls and texts and emails from concerned parents.

These came from both WISDOM parents and non-WISDOM parents, from home educators and those who don't home educate, from many Albertans shocked and dismayed by what had occurred.

The commonly expressed concern was that the government had not acted in a fair manner and had not followed due process.

On November 4th, Trinity/WISDOM were granted an injunction allowing them to stay open (although without funding until at least January 5th when further proceedings will take place)

While AHEA makes no statement on the merits of the allegations brought by the Alberta government, AHEA does point out these legal proceedings - and those to come - will allow both sides to present their cases in an open and fair manner so that due process can be followed.

To that end, AHEA is encouraged by today's ruling and we look forward to having the truth come out in full

This is in line with AHEA's Philosophy and Objects:


AHEA "recognizes the supremacy of God and the rule of law", and holds that government "must exercise its compelling interest in the education of the young by the least intrusive means."

As such, we ask that you pray for our elected officials and courts so that the respect for constitutional rights will always be honoured.

The board of the Alberta Home Education Association


AHEA Update - November 3, 2016

Addressing Home Educator's Concerns since the Closure of Trinity/WISDOM

The initial shock over the closing of of Trinity/ WISDOM Home Schooling on October 25 has been replaced by an abundance of work and activity to support the home education community in Alberta. While the situation appeared dire in the beginning, seeds of hope and potential for good moving forward are present.

AHEA/HSLDA partnership meetings were held. 270 people attended on Halloween night in Calgary and 480 people were in attendance in Edmonton.

During the information and discussion meetings held in Calgary and Edmonton, the 750 people who attended (270 in Calgary and 480 in Edmonton) expressed shock, dismay and were looking to determine what courses of action to take. AHEA's Government Liaison, Patty Marler, HSLDA Legal Council, Lisa McManus, and HSLDA Board Member, Raymond Strom, advised people about the plethora of work going on to address this situation.

AHEA meets with Education Minister Eggen, Deputy Minister Clarke, and Deputy Minister Boje. Discussions were productive and fruitful.

Many questions and comments were shared around Alberta Education's request, or seeming demand, that home educators re-notify with another board within two weeks. Since the two information meetings, AHEA has met with Education Minister Eggen, Deputy Minister Clarke, and Assistant Deputy Minister Boje. Specific to notification, AHEA shared some of the difficulties that the restrictive Home Education Regulation poses, including having teachers entering our homes twice a year. Minister Eggen recognized that we had valid concerns and that two weeks is not a realistic expectation for home educating families to notify. Minister Eggen did not set a specific deadline for notification.

Wisdom files injunction to be reinstated.

WISDOM Home Schooling has filed an injunction requesting the reinstating of accreditation and funding to Trinity Christian School. Should this injunction be granted, Trinity/WISDOM would have full authority to serve their families. The hearing for this injunction will occur on Friday, November 4.

Information sharing between AHEA, HSLDA, and home education administrators.

Prior to the filing of the legal injunction, AHEA and HSLDA were in communication with the large home education administrators across Alberta (those who currently administer 100 or more home educating students). These administrators all expressed their shock, and dismay about the closure of Trinity/WISDOM, and there was an outpouring of support for WISDOM. Should WISDOM's injunction not be granted, these administrators are looking into ways to assist and support WISDOM families.

Continuing communication, discussion and collaboration.

AHEA continues to be in involved in significant discussions to assist the home educating community. We are following what we believe is proper due process, something we hope and desire for all, but a standard that we ourselves will adhere to. As a result, there remains to be no formal action presented for your consideration at this time. The outcome of Trinity/WISDOM's injunction will be a determining factor in many of the actions to be considered moving forward.

To all Alberta Home Educators and all Alberta parents

On October 25, 2016, Alberta Education announced the shutdown of Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling.

At this time, AHEA reminds all home educators and parents of several things…

1 – Those displaced by this shutdown do not need to take any action right now. Keep home educating your children. You have at least a couple of weeks to notify with another private school or home education administration. Take this time. Don’t panic. Don’t make any hasty decisions. The education of your children is too important.

2 – AHEA is currently working with HSLDA to develop options for you to evaluate.This will take at least a few days so please be patient. We will post options for you here soon. This is a stressful time and there is no need to rush your decision.

3 – Remember that allegations against any home education provider are simply that: allegations. Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling will no doubt defend themselves in this situation and the truth will come out.

4 – At this time, AHEA asks that you NOT contact government officials.We simply don’t have enough information to ask informed questions or to lobby for certain action.The time for such political action may come. We will certainly ask for your help with that when the time comes. In the meantime, should you choose to speak to your MLA or any government official, please be courteous and civil.

5 – Pray that God’s will is done in this entire situation. That’s a prayer for your own family, for all home educating families, and for home education in Alberta.

Again…. Please stay calm in this difficult situation.

Thank you and bless you,

The board of the Alberta Home Education Association

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