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AHEA is Western Canada’s largest home education convention. We bring in the largest variety of speakers and vendors in all of Canada. We welcome all parents who are interested in home education and we are not exclusionary. Our goal is to simply offer the widest variety of resources to parents. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Come join us and check out home education at our annual convention in April, 2018 in Red Deer.


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To all Alberta Home Educators and all Alberta parents

On October 25, 2016, Alberta Education announced the shutdown of Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling.

At this time, AHEA reminds all home educators and parents of several things…

1 – Those displaced by this shutdown do not need to take any action right now. Keep home educating your children. You have at least a couple of weeks to notify with another private school or home education administration. Take this time. Don’t panic. Don’t make any hasty decisions. The education of your children is too important.

2 – AHEA is currently working with HSLDA to develop options for you to evaluate.This will take at least a few days so please be patient. We will post options for you here soon. This is a stressful time and there is no need to rush your decision.

3 – Remember that allegations against any home education provider are simply that: allegations. Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling will no doubt defend themselves in this situation and the truth will come out.

4 – At this time, AHEA asks that you NOT contact government officials.We simply don’t have enough information to ask informed questions or to lobby for certain action.The time for such political action may come. We will certainly ask for your help with that when the time comes. In the meantime, should you choose to speak to your MLA or any government official, please be courteous and civil.

5 – Pray that God’s will is done in this entire situation. That’s a prayer for your own family, for all home educating families, and for home education in Alberta.

Again…. Please stay calm in this difficult situation.

Thank you and bless you,

The board of the Alberta Home Education Association

Trinity Christian School Permission to operate revoked

To all AHEA members and Alberta home educators:

You may hear, from friends or through the news media, that the 'permission to operate' of one of Alberta's school authorities - Trinity Christian School and its home education.

We cannot comment on this situation at this time other than recommending to all home educators to:

A) please pray for all Alberta home educators and

B) take time to carefully consider all options and not make any rash decisions on the education of children.

Thank you.

Paul van den Bosch


Alberta Home Education Association

Dr. Joe Boot at U of A Sat, Oct 29 | Dr. Baumgardner at Creation Weekend Oct 28-29

The AHEA board wants you to know about two exciting events the weekend of Saturday, October 29, 2016. Both events are sponsored by good friends of AHEA. As you'll see from below, Edmonton is double booked for these events. That said, we recommend attending each event if you're able. You won't be disappointed.

eicc joeboot event october 2016

1) Dr. Joe Boot is speaking on "Gospel Culture - a Faith for all of Life."

Come hear Dr. Boot, Senior Pastor Westminster Chapel Toronto and Founder Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. His topic is "Culture-building implications for every sphere of our lives."
An internationally-renowned Christian speaker, Joe debates leading intellectuals at universities and on radio and television programs and regularly trains Christian leaders to think biblically about all spheres of life.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Venue: Prairie Room at Lister Hall, University of Alberta
11613 87 Ave NW, Edmonton

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Free admission Fundraiser - Join us for Dessert and Discussion

RVSP by October 22nd to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Read more here:


2) The Creation Science Association of Alberta is hosting Creation Weekend where world class scientist Dr. John Baumgardner will be speaking.

Creation Weekend 2016
Friday, October 28 & Saturday, October 29, 2016

Venue: Mill Woods Assembly
2225 – 66 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

All sessions are free of charge. You do not need to register to attend.

Friday, October 28

7:30 PM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on “How language powerfully affirms God's reality”

Saturday, October 24

10:00 AM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on "Mendel's Accountant: Why Darwinism Fails"
12:00 PM – Carson Lueck's talk on "Leaders' seminar on equipping our youth for the evolution/creation debate"
2:00 PM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on "Human DNA comparisons strongly affirm Genesis History"
7:30 PM – Dr. Baumgardner's talk on "How God used a Farm Boy from Texas to Develop World Class Science"

Read more here:

Sponsored by:

Creation Science Association of Alberta (www.create.ab.ca)

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