Convention 2017: Home Education: Education with a Purpose

Graduation Completion Ceremony at the AHEA Convention 2017

Attention: those who have a son/daughter completing their homeschool journey next year.

We are excited about offering a Homeschool Completion Ceremony to be added to our Convention Schedule. Other provincial organizations have offered this and we think it is a great way to help celebrate the student’s and parent’s journey through the home education process. We are currently looking to see how many would be interested in participating April 2017.

The plan is to hold the event on Friday. It would include the parents composing a paragraph (between 150-250) words about their student(s). The paragraph may include name, age, town, years home schooled, siblings, personal interests, future aspirations, and God’s role in your family life. It would include parents’ names and a picture of the student graduating. The paragraph will be read aloud as the student is escorted to the stage by their parents. There will be background music as you proceed to the stage. The group will assemble on the stage for a photo session after all students have been introduced.

If you would be interested in participating in this event, please e-mail Korien Sampson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Come to the 2016 Convention!

February 20 2016

Greetings to all AHEA members - past, present, and future!

Now's the time to register! Come to the 2016 convention!

2016 is AHEA's 30th anniversary.

We look forward to seeing all kinds of home educators there:

- past home educators who are now seeing their children home educate the 'next generation',

- families who are currently home educating their children,

- parents who are new to home education or 'checking things out' as their children near school age.

AHEA has an abundance of resources for all of you: insightful and inspiring speakers for both the experienced home educator and for the parent who is 'brand new', a whole hall full of vendors with all kinds of resources, talks for teens, a children's convention, a 'chocolate for moms' evening, a 'breakfast for dads' morning, and more.

You will also be able to meet other home educators, make new friends and renew old acquaintances, and get updated on how AHEA is active in many ways througout the year (including political updates on our meetings with the Education Minister and his staff, on the review of the Education Act and Home Education Regulation, and on our partnerships with other education administrators on effective reponses to current and upcoming legislation).

We look forward to seeing you there!

From the AHEA Board and Convention Team - volunteers serving the home education community!

Potential Changes, and a Chance to Review

To all AHEA members and Alberta home educators:

With the recent change in our provincial government, all Albertans await possible legislative change on several fronts.
One of those may be in education.

For example, Education Minister Dave Eggen and his team are reviewing the Education Act (passed in 2012 but never declared law).
This review, and a similar review of the regulations that fall under the Education Act, may bring only slight modifications or may bring significant change.
AHEA representatives have a meeting scheduled with Minister Eggen in early October and we hope to get more information then.

In the meantime, another change to be expected is in communication with the team at Alberta Education.
Some of the bureaucrats within Alberta Education are new in their positions and so we - home educators and those who are the administrators of home education at schools and school boards - have new challenges ahead in communicating ‘what home education is all about’.

Since we can’t assume that interpretation and enforcement of regulations will be the same as it has in the past, it would be wise for all home educators and administrators to revisit what is required so that there is no opening for bureaucratic censure.
In other words, home educators already know that we do a terrific job in providing education to our children and we should do the same terrific job in our organization and paperwork.

For Alberta home educators, this starts with the paragraph at the end of the form that we all sign: the Notification Form.
That paragraph details what is required in an Education Program Plan.
It would be wise for all home educating families to make sure their plans contain all of the elements required.

Here’s that paragraph:

If portions of the student program will enable the student to achieve the outcomes contained in the Schedule included in the Home Education Regulation, please attach according to this Form the required written description of the Home Education Program for a student who is following the Schedule of Learning Outcomes for Students Receiving Home Education Programs That Do Not Follow the Alberta Programs of Study:

  1. Describe in the home education program plan, the instructional method to be used, the activities planned for the program and how the instructional method and the activities will enable the student to achieve the learning outcomes contained in the Schedule.
  2. Identify the resource materials, if different from provincially authorized materials, to be used for instruction.
  3. Describe the methods and nature of the evaluation to be used to assess the student’s progress, the number of evaluations and how the evaluation addresses the learning outcomes in Question 1.
  4. Describe the associate board or associate private school facilities and services that the parent wishes to use.

Home educators provide a wonderful education for their children.
Examples of that are abundant and obvious and those who are interested in a better education for their children are attracted by our examples.
If we are also examples of organized planning then we make it easier for all to avoid any further bureaucratic intrusions.

Paul van den Bosch
Alberta Home Education Association

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