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Financial 'Clawbacks'

To all Alberta home educators:

The auditors of Alberta Education - through their decisions on 'allowable funding' -  are continuing in their efforts to change the definitions of what home education is and what it isn't.

That defining of terms is the right of parents.

You may have heard news on financial 'clawbacks' from your school authority.

AHEA is aware of this situation and is working with these school authorities to protect parental rights and freedoms, including the parental right to decide what resources, methods, and activities will best achieve the educational outcomes chosen by each parent.

At this time, we would ask all home educating parents to stay in touch with their school authority for more detail and to monitor this website should political action be required.

Thank you.

Paul van den Bosch

Alberta Home Education Association

2016 Convention Success

April 17 2016

To all Alberta home educators:

Thank you for coming to our 2016 Convention!

What a full weekend of talks, workshops, chocolate-for-moms evening, breakfast-for-dads morning, children's convention, youth activities, and lots of shopping!

We had one of our busiest conventions EVER - over 1900 attendees!

That's an increase of over 450 from last year.

Thank you for being there!

Thank you also for your suggestions on the end-of-convention surveys.

As always, we use those surveys to choose future speakers and to make improvements every year.

This year, we got almost 300 surveys back and 98.2% of you were either 'Completely Satisfied' or 'Mostly Satisfied'.

Over 98'% satisfaction rating!


Thank you!

And a huge hug-and-pat-on-the-back to our whole convention team.

Blessings on us all as we prepare for 2017.

From the board of the Alberta Home Education Association

Minister Eggen's Office Confirms No Policy Change

April 19, 2016

This morning (April 19, 2016), AHEA received two telephone calls from Education Minister Eggen's office. Minister Eggen's office wanted to assure home educators that there has been no policy change within the NDP government. He stated that the budget tabled last week reflects the NDP commitment to stable funding for home education, and that the events in the legislature on April 18, 2016 do not reflect a policy or principle change. When concerns were raised by AHEA about the intent of the motion, it was affirmed that there is no policy change, and the amendment proposed in the legislature was intended to be a statement affirming the NDP commitment to public education, and not a disavowment to private or home education. During a second discussion, AHEA was informed that MLA (NDP) Luff will be withdrawing her amendment to Mr. McIver's motion, due to the unintended confusion that it has created, a response in part due to the concerns raised by AHEA and home educators. On May 2, 2016, the original motion that Mr. McIver made will be debated in the legislature.

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