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Schools Lobbying for Bill 2 s.16 changes

An encouraging development on March 12!
I was privileged to be able to meet with Citizens for Diversity in Education along with two very articulate home educating mothers.
CDE is a group tentatively calling itself "Citizens for Diversity in Education" and had been meeting regarding some policy changes at Edmonton Public last fall. Members of the group are involved in alternative Christian education programs sanctioned by the province education.  Organizations included in CDE are:
- ACSI-Association of Christian Schools International,
- Edmonton Society for Christian Education
- Living Waters Chiristian School Society
- Strathcona Christian Academy Society,
- Meadowlark Christian School Society
- Millwoods Christian School Society
- Grace Point Church
- Congregations of the Living Church of God,
- Mill Woods Pentecostal Assembly
- REAL Women
We met tonight to discuss the significant concerns regarding Bill 2 Education Act. Those involved in the meeting (approximately 15 individuals, each representing different organizations) were motivated to take action on Bill 2. CDE has significant concerns regarding section 16 of Bill 2 as well as the preamble statement.  At tonight’s meeting it was agreed that they would call their membership to action. They will be requesting that parents of their schools lobby for reforms to section 16 and the preamble. 
All who participated in the meeting were aware that debate on the Education Act will likely begin Wednesday.  They feel compelled to take action. CDE will be encouraging their membership to lobby via telephone and e-mail quickly.
Please pray for their efforts and that their parents will sense the urgency of this issue and that they will be compelled to act.

Continue to Stand Strong

Bill 2 will be debated soon in the legislature.  A change in the fluid legislative agenda now suggests debate on the Bill may begin as early as today.
Please continue to contact your MLA, the Minister of Education, and the Premier's office voicing your concerns for Bill 2. 
Speak your support for the amendments which will proposed by Wildrose Education Critic, Rob Anderson.  The amendments are as follows:
1.Mr. Anderson to move that Bill 2, Education Act, be amended in the 8th recital of the Preamble, by striking out “parents have the right and the responsibility to make informed decisions respecting the education of their children” and substituting “parents have the paramount right and responsibility to make decisions respecting the education of their children”
2.Mr. Anderson to move that Bill 2, Education Act, be amended by striking out section 16 and substituting the following:
Education programs offered and instructional materials used in schools must

not promote or foster doctrines of racial or ethnic superiority or persecution,
religious intolerance or persecution, social change through violent action or
disobedience of laws.
(this clause is virtually identical to the second half of the previous section as it was written in the old Schools Act)

Political Process for Bill 2

Bill 2 has passed second reading in the legislature as per protocol.  Now debate may begin.
The legislative agenda is fluid, so exact dates and times are not certain. At this point Bill 2 is scheduled to be debated on Wednesday, March 14, 2012.  The debate could begin in the afternoon or evening. Scheduled debate times (not limited to Bill 2) are:
Wednesday March 14, 2012:
Likely the debate will continue on Thursday, March 15, 2012 and possibly into the following week (the Legislature does not sit on Fridays).  The debate will go on until the government provides 24 hours of notice to end the debate.
People concerned with Bill 2 may want to consider being present during the debate by sitting in the gallery.  You may contact your MLA and request an introduction.  State that you are attending with concerns regarding Bill 2 and state if you are a home educator or educate in another way.   Typically, there are school groups in the gallery until 2:00-2:30, but after that the gallery generally has seating available.  Groups of 15 or more require a booking which may be made at
For more information on how to view the legislative proceedings, go to  http://www.assembly.ab.ca/default.htm .
Relevant statements regarding home education and Bill 2 made during the legislative proceedings will be posted on the Political Updates webpage-Hansard Transcriptions from the Legislature post.   http://www.aheaonline.com/index.php/political-updates/291-hansard-transcriptions-from-the-legislature

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